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MOAF Consulting will provide a thorough assessment of each individual client's background including education, work experience and skills to help identify the best immigration opportunity that meets their needs.

Many people immigrate to other countries such as Canada, United Kingdom and the United States in search for a better quality of life. Most people immigrate for educational or employment opportunities which may be unavailable to them in their home countries.

Migrating to another country requires rigorous screening of applications, credentials, financial standing, family history, language abilities and other information. Having a good knowledge of the requirements for your chosen country is a good first step to a successful path to immigration. MOAF Immigration Services offers temporary and permanent residency assistance to Canada and the United States.

Temporary Residency services to Canada

Temporary Work Permit
Work Permit Extension
Student Work Permit
Super Visa
Licensing exams for Nurses

Permanent Residency services to Canada

Fed. Skilled Worker Program
Canadian Experience Class
Family Based Sponsorship
Provincial Nominees Program
Citizenship Application
Refugee & Asylum Application

Temporary Residency services to the United States

Student Visas


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