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Our Services

MOAF Consulting specializes in both Education and Immigration Services. We specialize in guiding and placing students into Canadian, Irish, United Kingdom and United States universities as well as Immigration solutions to Canada and the United States. We offer full range immigration services assisting with necessary immigration visas and work permits.
group of multicultural university graduates

Our Services At A Glance

Guiding and placing students into Canadian, Australian, Irish, US, United Kingdom and some European colleges and universities.

Student Admissions & Application Process

Visa Application Services for the UK, USA, Canada and Ireland

Pre-departure Orientation & Overseas Chaperone Services

Tuition Remittance Assistance

Accommodation Search

College and Visa Prep Interviews

Custodian and Guardianship Services

Standardized Test Registration

Our Optional Services

As part of our optional services, we offer review of college essays for vocabulary, structure and spelling checks, college and visa prep interviews, accommodation search, pre-departure orientation, flight arrangements, custodian and guardianship services for minors or underage students.